Financial Planning Adviser and Founder @ Credius Wealth I help time-poor or inexperienced individuals who are generally too busy to attend to the detail of their financial affairs. They are concerned that if they do not address this area, they will miss out on opportunities to preserve and grow their wealth. Or worse still, set themselves up for a future of potential exposure and/or financial loss.

My clients are typically: SME business owners who are concerned with the potential loss of key staff, maximising tax efficient savings & insurance,  managing their own wealth & exits; Parents who are worried about the risk of losing their income (through accident, sickness, incapacity or death) and as a result losing their family home. They want to eliminate this risk;  People in later life concerned about preserving the value of their estate by not losing money unnecessarily to the taxman. They wish to protect their inheritance in a legal and ethical way, whilst eliminating delays in passing on their wealth to their loved ones.