The Future for Artisan Food Brands: 2023

The EAGB is comprised of a wide variety of individuals with experience across many industry groups. Members have been able to draw upon this experience in helping to resolve the business issues they face, whether that is to develop new business opportunities or help resolve business operating problems. We believe that company owners and executives from the Food and Beverage sector, especially the artisan facet of this industry, have much to gain from joining our exclusive networking group. Read on to find out more about the networking opportunity the EAGB could represent for your Food and Beverage company.

Food and beverage, the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, has remained robust through economic downturns and contributed £28bn to the economy in 2020 (Food & Drink Federation).

SMEs represent 96% of the sector, within which sits artisan food production, typically small, often family, businesses whose products are inspired by local traditions. Artisanal food fuelled economic growth after the previous recession and continues to grow.

Key trends for 2023 are nutrition, with consumers valuing food as critical to good health (Mintel), integrity, authenticity, provenance, sustainability, availability and value.

Key Trends for 2023


Sustainability becomes increasingly important, from growth, manufacture, packaging, delivery to purchase.

Organic sales increase despite the higher prices with

… a move from intensive to regenerative farming, including tree planting and reformation to improve soil health and sequester carbon,

— Jonathan Petrides, CEO & Founder, Allplants.

and Veganism and Vegetarianism propel demand for plant-based foods by a wider public.

Zero waste campaigns will focus on packaging, single use plastics, plastic waste and food waste, globally estimated at 3.3billion tonnes.

Innovation fuels growth. Responding to sustainability concerns, Toast Ale built a circular economy developing products from surplus fresh bread. Producers are exploring health, nostalgia, ozone friendly plants, such as seaweed, and even insects.

The Brexit Effect and concerns over food security drive a ‘Buy British’ trend.

Localisation and convenience grocery maintains traction with online and physical stores continuing to merge. Digital accelerates with discount stores moving online, and the growth of ‘ecoaisles’ (Morten Toft Beach, Meatless Farm) while transient shopping increases in motorway services and forecourts.

Food Safety takes centre stage. With food fraud rife, manufacturers must be vigilant and build a culture of food excellence throughout the supply chain especially when sourcing ingredients.

Business Support remains vital for artisanal food producers and sourcing good, affordable advise is key to success.

How EAGB members can help

The EAGB is an association of business leaders, many have enjoyed senior positions in the corporate field before starting their own successful firms. We have dealt with difficult and complex challenges and weathered economic storms.

We understand the demands and challenges that face businesses in the food and drink sector and use our experience, specialist knowledge and extensive connections to provide peer-to-peer support and exchange advice and information.

We help members and visitors with effective solutions and connections they can trust whatever the size and nature of business, from start-up and early stage to mature.

A wealth of corporate experience and skills at your finger tips

Within the EAGB there are corporate lawyers with specialist legal knowledge, from compliance and regulation to employment and litigation.

Developing your teams? We have training, HR and recruitment professionals among our members.

Whether it’s investment or boardroom gravitas and expertise, our members are, or have excellent relationships with, NEDs, financial experts and investors.

Need help growing and marketing your business?

If your biggest headache is positioning and raising the awareness of yourself, your food and drink brand or products, we have the solutions. Our membership includes sales/growth strategists, market researchers, brand and web designers, copy writers, PR professionals, digital marketeers, and brand and marketing strategists.

Finally, if you are thinking of selling and exiting your food and drink business – we can help with that too!

The Executives’ Association of Great Britain has a wide-reaching network and our members’ global connections provide unparalleled introductions.

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