The Executives Association of Great Britain exists to help business leaders forge the relationships that will enable them to grow personally and professionally. We do this by creating a place for business leaders to meet once a month in a relaxed but professional environment.

Our next meeting – Thursday 14th July 2022

Mikado host

Mike Segall

Mike Segall

Mike is a serial entrepreneur with a long career in credit management who was nominated this year for his outstanding contribution to ... Read more


Jane Gunn

Jane Gunn

Jane is an expert in the field of conflict resolution, effective decision-making and the principles of self-determination. Listed as a Read more


Innholders Hall

Herbert Berger dining experience at a Livery

30 College Street

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Guests are very welcome to attend a meeting with or without an existing member.

Meeting format


Prompt start



A structured, workshop-style event hosted by experts in marketing, networking and other communication disciplines.

Our hosts provide tips to improve our skills in their area of expertise and facilitate introductions and conversation within the group.

This session is designed to ensure you meet and talk to as many people as possible in the room. 


Impossible connections

This is an opportunity to ask for specific introductions, based on the concept of six degrees of separation, a familiar premise that states: anyone on the planet can be connected to anyone else in just six steps.

The theory, based on a story from 1929, assumes that we all know at least 44 people, and each of these people knows another 44 people, and in just six steps, through random acquaintances, everyone could be connected to 7.26 billion people – that is roughly how many people are living today!

So, through five other people we can be connected to Richard Branson, the Queen of England or even the President of the USA!


Drinks reception

An opportunity for informal networking during which members and guests can mingle, meet and catch up over a glass of wine or non-alcoholic drink.



A more formal affair and always in a prestigious 5-star venue.

Members and guests are able to share advice and experiences at intimate tables of six or eight while enjoying a delicious three-course meal with wine.

For many members our lunches are the highlight of the month.

Ten second round

Every person in the room is given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business in ten seconds or less.



Each meeting concludes with an invited, highly respected, keynote speaker.

The EAGB is known for the calibre of our speakers. Not only for the topics and the depth of knowledge they share but also for the opportunity this offers us to meet and speak to these highly informed experts.




Previous speakers

We have been fortunate to hear some of the most authoritative individuals in their field speak at our meetings.

Over the years, I have attended EAGB events as a guest, speaker and more recently as the Presenter of the Mikado, which is a rather good pre-prandial exercise to help members and guests get to know each other. I always enjoy an EAGB event as the members are interesting and seasoned business people, who give you a warm welcome in pleasant surroundings. As a networking event, one cannot ask for more.

Norman Jackson, Speaker