Nigel is a professional in Corporate Continuity, Insurance and Risk Management with over 40 years’ experience. He started Severn Bay Corporate Solutions in 2010 to provide these services to SME & Corporate entities on a 100% Fixed Fee basis. The business covers three main categories which are: Industrial, Construction and Professional. London market solutions form a large part of operations for client businesses.

Having served for 30 years in the Army Reserve as a commissioned officer, Nigel believes that passion and determination to succeed must be based on loyalty, honesty and integrity. He will never recommend something he would not be happy with himself, in similar circumstances.

Having dealt with virtually every type of business over the last 40 years, Nigel believes understanding complexity is everything, after that scale regardless of size and geographical distribution is just numbers, which once quantified are easy to accommodate.

Nigel sits on the board of the British Insurance Brokers Association based in Bevis Marks, London

In his spare time he runs Ultra-Marathons and is a qualified British Athletics Coach in Running Fitness.