I am a licenced insolvency practitioner with Fisher Partners, based in Camden on the fringe of London’s West End.  I’ve been in the profession for some thirty years and work with both company directors and individuals facing insolvency with the object of sorting out their problems. Essentially we engage in a hand-holding exercise working through issues from start to finish. One way or another, most businesses can be saved/regenerated. That’s what we’re engaged to do. We are, if you like, financial doctors.

I’m a graduate of the London School of Economics, B.Sc(Econ), Incorporated financial accountant, FFA, Fellow of the Insolvency Practitioners Association, FIPA, Fellow of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals, FABRP and qualified mediator, CEDR.

The best thing about this profession is seeing those who are, or who have been insolvent, back in harness. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard the words, “ I shall sleep tonight,” from some hitherto overstressed individual whose problems we’ve been able to address successfully.

My top three achievements:

a) In business, achieving a number of successful outcomes in the face of what looked initially to be implacable creditor opposition. In one case we kept a 70 year old woman housed despite her bankruptcy. In another involving a failed IVA I negotiated for a full year with the trustee in bankruptcy where a couple with two children were faced with eviction. Again I was able to keep them housed. The couple were without funds, so I charged them nothing. They kindly took my wife and myself out to dinner.

b) Seeing my novel, a thriller, The Hamilton Conspiracy, published on Kindle last year.

c) After a lifetime of estrangement, finally getting on good terms with my mother when she reached the age of 98. She made it to the ton, so we had two good years.A little known fact about me: I once won a talent competition as a magician, but felt my performance was so abysmal I vowed never to go on stage again.


Writing. Two novels, one published. Children’s books in verse with alliterative titles like, Clarissa the Clown, Roberto the Robot, Majesty the Magician. Also some macabre short stories. One or two of these latter published in a small private magazine.
Reading, obviously.
Eating.  Need I say more?

Future plans: Hopefully, more of the same.