The value of peer to peer business advice

There are no shortage of places you can turn to for business advice but how do you decide which option to choose? For small businesses I highly recommend an element of peer-to-peer support. Here’s why:


No one understands running a business like other business owners. Who else can empathise with the stresses, strains and sleepless nights, but also the satisfaction when planning pays off and the business grows?

Whatever business you are in, 2020 will have thrown up unique challenges, some companies have been busier than ever, others have seen their customer numbers and profits drop overnight. But either way, your fellow business owners know how it feels.


As they saying goes: you get what you pay for. Cheap business advice is unlikely to get you the results you want and, if you factor in your own time for unproductive sessions as well, it could even cost you money. Equally small businesses don’t have unlimited budgets, and therefore structured peer-to-peer support provides excellent value for money.


Advice from books and blogs is quick and easy to access but is it directly relevant to you and your situation? Talking to fellow company directors from a similar sized business means you can learn from those who have their own battle scars and experiences that are relevant to your issues.

Choose carefully and you’ll reap maximum benefits from the advice you receive.

About the author

Alpa Shingadia works as a business growth advisor and now leads Elephants Child’s Breakthrough program. She previously ran her own business which she successfully exited from in 2013.


All articles are the opinion of the author and do not represent the views of the EAGB.

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