Data is everywhere but do you really know your customers and what they want?  I founded Free Spirit Consulting with the aim of helping businesses better understand their customers in order to drive business growth.

It’s all about getting to the ‘why’ not just the ‘what, when, where and who.’  That will help your business engage with customers and potential customers by really empathising with what they want.

We are full service consumer research specialists in the UK and have worked in over 40 markets.  No job is too big or small – our passion is to help businesses develop better iterations of their products, brand, communications and services.   We also run energising strategy workshops to help organisations through challenges such as brand positioning, or alignment around new corporate objectives.

With budgets becoming increasingly tight and research stretched across the growing number of cost centres, our approach is a pragmatic one; we only use the latest tools when they are fit for purpose AND add genuine value, rather than window dressing to win a proposal.

Our speciality is providing outstanding pieces of work.  For us it is not all about how you approach the research but what you do with it.  Businesses want answers fast nowadays but it’s important they are intelligent answers with commercial impact.