Since the charity was founded in 1992, it is our 30th anniversary next year, we have worked tirelessly to make a positive difference to children diagnosed with cancer and their families.
The caring teams at our offices always give 100% to ensure that the children and families we help have the support they need to get through the problems and stresses that cancer brings. We aim to make a big difference to as many children as possible with the minimum of fuss and without the need for ‘red tape’. Any request for assistance will be considered in an open, friendly, understanding and sensitive manner.

We pride ourselves on the assistance we are able to offer to families when they need it most. We do this by providing the following vital services.
Care Grants
The news that a child is seriously ill is difficult enough to cope with, without the situation being made worse because of money worries. Many parents often have to leave employment or reduce their paid hours to provide the necessary care that their child needs. Although some are entitled to state benefits, on average childhood cancer costs a family an extra £600 per month.
Our care grants are money-gifts which are given directly to families battling the financial side effect of cancer after a child is diagnosed. They can help with anything from travel costs to household expenses, utility bills to extra childcare, specialised equipment such as wheelchairs to necessary home improvements. As an agile charity we can make payments very quickly to ensure no family goes unsupported in their time of need.
Respite breaks
Having a child with cancer and the increased financial burden that can come with this means having a holiday break is just not possible for many. Lennox provide free respite holiday breaks at one of our 4 homes. These breaks provide families with quality time together and they don’t need to stress if they have to cancel last minute due to treatment or ill-health as the break is free. We understand this is always a possibility when you have a child with cancer. Each year we provide around 200 families with one of these breaks, including £200 spending money.
Emotional Support
We provide emotional support 24/7. If a family is in need, we are there for them. Whether as just a shoulder to cry on or for more practical advice and support the Lennox team are like an extended family. This support provides families with the comfort and knowledge that they are not alone.

We also provide hospital care packages called “We Have Your Back Packs” and provide treasure boxes and presents for children who are ill.
Please support us
The support from EAGB is vital in helping us to ensure no child with cancer or their family goes unsupported. Your support is greatly appreciated not only by our charity but by the children with cancer and their families who we proudly support.
If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to call me on 07960072457. Email at [email protected] or visit our website