It’s lonely at the top.

You are the CEO of a successful company turning over half a million or even 80 million. Whether you are new to the CEO role or a well-seasoned leader wishing to take your company to the next level it is often difficult to know where to turn to for advice. How do you know whom to trust and what if the advisers have their own agenda?

I know this because I have experienced it myself.

In my four decades in business, leading companies through business transformation and managing large numbers of people across three continents, I gained extensive insights into leadership. Eleven years ago I decided to share my knowledge and expertise with like-minded business owners.


As the Founder & CEO of ABLE, my passion is empowering CEOs and business leaders to grow personally and develop their business. Peer-to-peer learning is a proven leadership concept and over the years I have found it to be incredibly powerful. Here is what we offer:

✔ Improve your leadership & management skills with international speaker workshops
✔ Work on your business rather than in your business in monthly group meetings
✔ Gain confidence, focus & inspiration with one-to-one coaching sessions