Although we are an accountancy practice, our aim is to try and set ourselves apart from the more ‘traditional’ view of an accountant.

We have a Japanese name, meaning cherry blossom, and I have more than 15 years of experience of developing and building finance teams within larger businesses.

Many growing businesses face a variety of challenges in their early years, which the business owners may not always have the ability to overcome on their own:

  • Do you have a sound grasp of your basic or key numbers ?
  • Are you keeping compliant with tax related issues and deadlines ?
  • Are you struggling to manage your cashflow ?
  • Are you really using your time wisely, or still doing work that you may not have the skills for (or like), instead of work that is productive and revenue generating ?
  • Is your business growing and as profitable as you want it to be ?

I know from experience that an accountant can be a ‘force for good’ within a business, and so at Sakura we offer solutions that provide positive answers to those hard questions !

  1. We can move your business onto Xero or Quickbooks, train your team and get you using apps
  2. We can provide you with an outsourced bookkeeping service or outsourced finance team
  3. We can provide you with management accounts, business review meetings, or a part time Finance director service
  4. All of which will enable you to make better decisions on your business, more quickly, putting you more in control !

So if you are not already working towards overcoming these (or other) challenges or frustrations within Your business, then please speak to us !